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Joseph A. Nagy represents people from all walks of life. Anyone can be tragically injured or hurt due to another’s negligence at any time. He takes pride in helping, advising, and fighting for these people. Joseph A. Nagy never works for insurance companies.

Joseph A. Nagy represents the victims of personal injuries. He does not represent insurance companies.

Joseph A. Nagy Levels the Playing Field

I derive much personal satisfaction from my practice knowing that, with my representation, my clients are on a level playing field, often fighting against a large insurance company with huge resources.

Contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, to set up a free consultation about your injury case.

Joseph A. Nagy

Injury Lawyer

I sustained a severe brain injury when I was hit by a car while walking in a back alley. I had no idea what I needed to do because there was no insurance available for the hit and run driver.

Joe informed me that there was a special government fund from which I could collect up to $200,000. As a resident of B.C., there was also up to a million in coverage under my wife’s auto policy known as “underinsured motorist protection.” Joe filed 2 lawsuits and fought very hard with ICBC and the lawyer representing the government fund.

I was very pleased with how Joe represented me and I had complete faith in his ability to ensure I was properly compensated for my brain injury, past and future wage loss, cost of future care and other expenses. After several lowball offers, Joe just kept pushing the case to trial and we eventually settled out of Court. It was a long hard fight but Joe got me the result I wanted. I highly recommend him.