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//Head on Highway Accidents

Head on Highway Accidents

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Some Causes of Head on Highway Accidents

Two motor vehicles involved in a head on highway collision.Many factors play a part in head on highway accidents.

In both winter and summer driving conditions, the most common cause of this type of accident is overtaking a vehicle on a highway when it is unsafe to do so. It may be unsafe because of weather conditions, or because there is a solid yellow line which does not permit a vehicle to lawfully overtake another vehicle. Speed is often a factor. Another common cause is falling asleep while driving. High speed head on highway collisions almost inevitably result in serious injury or death.

Joseph A. Nagy offers advice to victims of head on highway collisions.

Advice for Injured Victims of Head on Highway Accidents

You or your estate will undoubtedly require legal assistance to navigate through the complex legal process of

  • obtaining expert engineering reports
  • appointing estate representatives if required
  • facilitating alternative forms of financial assistance to the victim
  • suing all appropriate parties who may be responsible for the collision
  • investigating all possible sources of compensation to which you, the estate, or the beneficiaries are entitled.

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