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//Motor Vehicle vs. Motorcycle Accidents

Motor Vehicle vs. Motorcycle Accidents

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Some Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

If you are an injury victim in a motor vehicle vs. motorcycle accident, call Joseph A. Nagy to explain the particulars of your case.Motorcycles are often involved in collisions because the at-fault driver did not see or hear the motorcycle. Motorcycles are more difficult to see in traffic because drivers are used to seeing bigger vehicles operate on our highways. Motorcycles do not operate in the winter months and regular motor vehicle operators need to be cautious in the spring when motorcycles re-appear on our highways.

Motorcyclists generally find themselves to be more cautious of other drivers on our highways. Ask anyone who drives both a motorcycle and a car about the difference in their experience.

Joseph A. Nagy has handled many motorcycle collision cases.

Advice for Injured Motorcyclists

Witness evidence in motor vehicle collision cases is crucial. The party at fault for the collision usually claims that “the motorcyclist came out of nowhere.” The implication is that the motorcyclist was speeding. I use a careful questioning technique that often gets the at fault party to admit, under oath, that he could not have known what speed the motorcyclist was travelling. Witness statements from others also assist in refuting the implication that the motorcyclist was speeding.

I have handled many motorcycle collision cases. Speak to me, Joseph A. Nagy, about your specific circumstances.

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