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//Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accidents
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Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accidents

Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accidents

Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer

Advice for Pedestrians Injured by Motor Vehicles

Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer and pedestrian accident lawyer, has experience dealing with all types of motor vehicle pedestrian collisions and pedestrian auto accidents.

I am Joseph A. Nagy, and I am an Edmonton injury lawyer serving central and northern Alberta.

A crosswalk does not have to be “marked” to be a crosswalk.

If you are injured by a motor vehicle in a marked or unmarked crosswalk, call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, for specific legal advice. Free consultation. Free parking.

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What Our Clients Say

Joseph Nagy is an excellent attorney! He fought hard with patience and determination until I received the amount of compensation I deserved. Joe was always approachable and available; his legal assistant, Nichole was friendly and helpful. I would recommend Joseph Nagy's legal services to all of my friends and family.
Rodney Corkum, Teacher
Rodney Corkum, Teacher
21:05 05 Oct 18
Joe was very thorough with his work. He does well of what he do. If there’s 10 stars, I would rate him as a 10! Thanks Joe for all the hardwork!
Debbie De Guzman
Debbie De Guzman
18:47 04 Oct 18
Joe took my case after I was dropped by my previous lawyer of almost 5 yrs. Joe explained the challenges my case was facing and how to best proceed, I feel he was honest with his assessment of my case and I appreciated his straight to the point attitude. I am very pleased to say he and Nicole (his assistant) always treated me with respect and never made me feel like any question or concerns I had were stupid were or bothersome. Much to my surprise my phone calls and emails were always answered in a very timely fashion. Nicole played a very big part in the smooth process of getting this case settled . Joe and Nicole are a great team and I highly recommend Joe if you are looking for a no nonsense straight to the point lawyer who gets things done. Thank you for settling my case so promptly. Lisa Bishop
Lisa Bishop
Lisa Bishop
16:46 27 Sep 18
Joe and Nicole were wonderful to work with. They were extremely professional but very kind and helpful. Nicole is so easy to talk to and helped me understand what was going on with my claim. I highly recommend Joe and his team if you are looking for someone to fight for you!
Petra Erhardt
Petra Erhardt
15:11 17 Sep 18
A big thank you to Joe and Nicole for all your help! In addition to being professional and available, your patience with me through the whole process was much appreciated. 🙂
A Wager
A Wager
22:42 15 Sep 18
No-nonsense, straight to the point and very professional… these are the words I would use to describe Mr. Joseph Nagy and his legal team. could not be happier with the services I received from Mr. Nagy.
Satheesh Mathew
Satheesh Mathew
03:59 15 Aug 18
Joe Nagy......all the way!!!! My accident happened in the fall of 2016 in BC . I first contacted a firm that is advertised everywhere only for them to tell me that I seemed to have a handle on the situation and to contact them again in 2 years. I then called Joe's office and I didn't have another worry. He took all of the thinking out of it and made everything easy for me . We exchanged a few phone calls throughout the year and a half and then it was over. Natalie was friendly and a great girl to work with. Joe cares and works for his client. Call Joe!
Tammy Swan
Tammy Swan
16:02 03 Aug 18
It was an amazing experience. I did not have to go in again and again. Joe Naggi and his team kept me up to date with all that was being applied or done with my case. Thank you Joe Naggi for helping me out with my inury case. I highly recommend those who are looking to make an injury claim.
Basima Sadaf
Basima Sadaf
19:01 02 Aug 18
I worked with Joe for almost 4 years after my accident and I can honestly say he worked very hard for me. There are very few in the legal world that actually care about you, that see you as more than a paycheck, Joe is one. When I was suffering, he went out of his way to make sure I was ok, even helping me out of his own pocket when times were really tough. He is thorough, thoughtful and will be an absolute shark in fighting for you. Thanks for all your help Joe!
Jonathan Woodcock
Jonathan Woodcock
14:27 24 Jun 18

Some Causes of Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Accidents

Victims of pedestrian auto accidents, like the one depicted here, require the services of an experienced and knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer. If you have been injured by a motor vehicle in a marked or unmarked crosswalk call Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer, for advice.

Motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents most commonly happen when one vehicle stops to let a pedestrian cross the street. A second driver going in the same direction is unable to see the pedestrian because the driver that is stopped has blocked the view of the pedestrian. The negligent driver is usually not paying attention to why the vehicle beside him stopped and drives through the marked crosswalk hitting the pedestrian.

Another common occurrence is when a driver looks in only one direction while exiting a parking lot or making a turn from a stopped position to enter a roadway. The driver fails to see the pedestrian and drives into the pedestrian.

Another common occurrence is when two vehicles collide at an intersection when one makes a left hand turn in front of the other. The collision causes one of the vehicles to hit a pedestrian walking in the crosswalk or on a sidewalk.

The Use of Highway and Rules of the Road Regulation defines a crosswalk as follows:

(d) “crosswalk” means

  1. that part of a roadway at an intersection included within the connection of the lateral line of the sidewalks on opposite sides of the highway measured from the curbs or, in the absence of curbs, from the edges of the roadway, or
  2. any part of a roadway at an intersection or elsewhere distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by signs or by lines or by other markings on the road surface;
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I have dealt with a few lawyers in my past and Mr. Nagy is my favorite. He is personable and honest. He lets you know what can be done and what can not be done in regards to your claim. We had additional questions that weren’t related to our claim and he was able to send us in the right direction. I highly recommend Joseph Nagy if you live in the Edmonton area and require a personal injury lawyer.



September 16, 2016