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//Multi-Vehicle Highway Accidents

Multi-Vehicle Highway Accidents

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Multi-Vehicle Highway Accidents and Insurable Limits

Two motor vehicles involved in a head on highway collision.

Multi-vehicle highway accidents often involve serious injury to several people. The insurable limits of the at-fault party can be as low as $200,000 depending on the circumstances. Here are two examples.

  • A logging truck is unable to stop in time to avoid a collision with several vehicles on the highway which are stopped by the police due to a serious accident which occurred on the highway ahead. Several people are injured and killed. The logging truck company carries only 2 million in liability insurance, but the injuries and damages of the injured parties exceed 3 million.
  • An intoxicated driver overtakes another vehicle on a yellow line. There is a collision with an oncoming vehicle. The oncoming vehicle collides with the vehicle driving behind the negligent driver causing serious injuries to the occupants – a family of 5 including 3 young children. The driver is operating a stolen vehicle and flees the scene and cannot be found.

If you were involved in a multi-vehicle accident, speak to Joseph A. Nagy, an experienced motor vehicle injury lawyer.

Advice for Injured Victims of Multi-Vehicle Highway Accidents

Do not wait to schedule your free consultation with Joseph A. Nagy. I can investigate the potential sources of insurance to ensure you are properly compensated. It requires a detailed analysis and gathering of critical evidence to determine all parties who may be at fault for the motor vehicle accident. You may have an SEF 44 family protection endorsement under your own insurance policy or a policy belonging to a member of your household to cover any shortfall.

These types of cases are complex and involve the operation of specific limitation periods for notifying the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Administrator and notifying and bringing an action against the SEF 44 insurer. There is also specific case law interpreting the limitation periods.

Here is an SEF 44 Family Protection Endorsement.

Contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, for a free consultation to discuss the particular requirements of your case.

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