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Rear End Accidents

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Some Causes of Rear End Accidents

Ensure you are treated fairly by your insurance company. Call Joseph A. Nagy if you have been injured in a rear end motor vehicle accident,Rear end accidents can have many causes.

  • The primary reason for rear end accidents is the at-fault driver was following too close.
  • A driver’s reaction time can also be influenced by his state of intoxication.
  • Distracted driving (such as text messaging) is another cause.
  • Road rage incidents lead to rear-end collisions when a driver pulls in front of you quickly and slams on his brakes.
  • Rear end collisions are more common in winter driving conditions when drivers are driving too fast for road conditions.

Rear end accidents can sometimes cause little visible damage to your vehicle. The insurance company representing the party that rear-ended you will often say that you can’t be injured because there is little or no damage to your vehicle.

Involved in a rear end collision? Get advice from professional injury lawyer Joseph A. Nagy.

Advice for Injured Victims of Rear End Accidents

Vehicle damage does not equate to injury. Joseph A. Nagy is experienced in handling cases where severe damage caused little or no injury, and where little damage caused chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Each individual is different. An individual may have a pre-existing weakness or susceptibility to injury. The injury may be nonetheless fully compensable.

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