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Dealing with Insurance Companies

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When Insurance Companies Call

Joseph A. Nagy fights so that his injury clients receive fair compensation from insurance companies.If you are injured in an accident, what should you say when insurance companies contact you with questions? You may not know the answer.

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. Accident victims, like you, often do not know who they should speak to or what they should say. You may have been driving, or a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident, or a pedestrian. What should you say?



Ask Yourself: Is the Insurance Company Calling Me Working in My Best Interests?

If you are in an automobile accident, a bodily injury adjuster from the “at fault” person’s insurance company may call you. Do not speak to the bodily insurance adjuster who represents the party responsible for causing your injuries. You may be asked to give a statement or sign documents allowing the bodily injury adjuster to have access to all of your medical information. Only your lawyer should communicate with the bodily injury adjuster. All medical documentation should be provided through your lawyer.

If You Are in an Automobile Accident, You May Be Contacted by a “Section B” Adjuster Asking You to Complete Documentation so that You Can Get “Section B” Benefits. What Should You Do?

“Section B” Benefits are medical and disability benefits provided to you according to Section B of (usually) your auto policy. They are provided to you regardless of who is at fault for the motor vehicle accident.

To obtain these benefits, you must complete a Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim AB-1 Form and a Claim for Disability Benefits AB-1A Form.

Please note: These are fillable forms.

  • If they do not open in your browser, visit this Adobe help page.
  • To open them on your computer, right click on the file names and save them to your computer. You can then open and complete the forms in Acrobat Reader.

The forms are provided to you by your insurer or the insurer of the vehicle that you were in at the time of the accident. If you were a pedestrian, then the insurer of the vehicle that hit you provides these forms to obtain the benefits. If you were a passenger, the insurance company of the registered owner of the vehicle you were in provides these forms to obtain the benefits.


Advice on Dealing with Insurance Companies?

In some circumstances, the insurance company of the party who was at fault for the accident may be the same insurance company handling your section B claim. Be careful. In Alberta, it is a conflict of interest for an adjuster handling your bodily injury claim to also handle your section B claim. If you are not certain who the adjuster represents, contact Joseph A. Nagy to have this clarified.

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