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If you have been injured in  a motor vehicle accident, you can benefit from a personal injury lawyer free consultation. Most injury lawyers offer free consultations. To get the most value out of your free consultation, contact Joseph A. Nagy. Check out the free online resources he offers to help you prepare for your personal injury lawyer free consultation. Then contact Joseph A. Nagy, injury lawyer Edmonton.


I tried to prevent a thief from stealing my welding truck and was run over by the truck. I had severe orthopedic injuries to my ankles, back, and feet and corrective surgery. I was wheelchair bound for several months after my hospitalization. Joe helped me get disability benefits from my insurance company to ease my financial burden while I was unable to work.

The insurance company told me that the accident was my fault because I tried to stop a thief from stealing my vehicle. I hired Joe. Then the insurance company said I would be partly at fault. Joe wouldn’t tolerate it. Joe explained that since my vehicle was not moving and in gear when I tried to stop the driver, that a Judge would likely believe my side of the case. After fighting the case with two lawyers, we took my case before a Judge and he agreed.

The insurance company only wanted to pay me $50,000 for my loss of ability to earn future income and they would not budge. After hearing Joe argue my case the Judge recommended $175,000 and the insurance company agreed to pay up. The medical, vocational, and economic loss experts on Joe’s team assisted me in getting proper compensation for my pain and suffering, past income loss, and other future medical expenses. Joe never gave up. I honestly felt that he really enjoyed fighting my case for me every step of the way. He didn’t let me down.

You can put your faith and trust in Joe. He’s a good lawyer and a good person.



June 27, 2015


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