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//Chronic Pain Injuries

Chronic Pain Injuries

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What Is a Chronic Pain Injury?

The evaluation of chronic pain from an injury requires the expertise of medical and other experts.Chronic pain can result from many different types of injuries (head injury, musculoskeletal injuries). There are various medical definitions that classify the period which you need to suffer from ongoing chronic pain to qualify for compensation.  Some definitions say that a three month period of suffering qualifies as chronic.  Others definitions say a 6 month period qualifies as chronic.

Chronic pain syndrome is disabling pain that lasts 3 to 6 months beyond the normal recovery period. You can think of chronic pain as pain that just doesn’t resolve, no matter what type of treatment you receive. One example might be severe untreatable migraines after a brain injury. Another example might be soft tissue injury pain that won’t go away despite a rigorous course of physiotherapy.

Chronic pain is measured by your ability to function. Chronic pain will often affect your present or future employability and often results in permanent clinical impairment.

Edmonton injury lawyer Joseph A. Nagy offers advice for victims of chronic pain injuries.

Advice on Chronic Pain Injuries

Contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, if  you think you suffer from chronic pain resulting from an injury.

I work with a team of medical and other experts that will assist me to evaluate your chronic pain and help me get you the compensation you deserve.  These may be functional capacity experts, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, orthopedic specialists, vocational specialists, economic loss experts, or cost of future care experts.

I fund the cost of these experts up front. These experts will generate opinion reports and may be called to testify at your trial. Each case is specific and you should contact me personally to discuss a tailor-made strategy to suit your chronic pain case.

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