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Spinal Injuries

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What Is a Spinal Injury?

The pain from a spinal injury can be mistaken for the pain from a soft tissue injury. Joseph A. Nagy can refer his clients for orthopedic assessment.The column of vertebrae that composes your spine is identified based on location.

  • Cervical vertebrae are in your upper spine and neck.
  • Thoracic vertebrae are in your middle spine and back.
  • Lumbar vertebrae are in your lower spine and back.
  • The sacrum and coccyx are fused bones at the bottom of the spinal column.

Vertebrae are separated by round, spongy pads of cartilage called disks. Disks function like shock absorbers throughout your spinal column and cushion your vertebrae with movement. They contract with downward pressure and expand when your back stretches. The analus fibrosus is a tough outer portion which surrounds the nucleus pulposus, a soft inner gel material. These disks and the space between the bones that they fill give the lower back flexibility.

Damage to the disk can cause the soft rubbery centre to bulge out of the outer layer. This spinal injury is called a herniated disc. If the expanding center presses on nearby nerves, the herniated disc can cause severe pain. A tear in tough outer portion of the disk is called an annular tear.

Joseph A. Nagy provides advice to victims of spinal injuries.

Advice on Spinal Injuries

Pain from spinal injuries can be confused with soft tissue pain. The type of pain is usually distinct and you should describe the pain to your doctor.

I have represented many hundreds of clients with spinal injuries. Spinal injuries are best identified by MRI and orthopedic assessment. I can arrange these referrals for you at no cost as part of the ongoing management of your case.

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We were rear ended by a runaway logging truck in B.C. Our vehicle was crushed and no one was able to get out. We had severe orthopedic injuries. We needed a lawyer licensed to practice in B.C. to sue the driver of the logging truck and the logging truck company.

Joe did this for us and explained to us what we needed to do every step of the way. Joe understood the workings of ICBC and their lawyers. He was quite familiar with the litigation process and the steps we needed to take to prove our case. He referred us to excellent medical specialists. He kept us updated regularly on our case. He wasn’t intimidated by the other side’s lawyer. He pushed forward with the litigation so our case was not delayed. Eventually, the case settled out of Court and Joe got us a good settlement.

Joe was very interested in our case and fighting hard for us. He takes his job seriously and enjoys it. I felt that we were protected. We are happy we hired Joe. He was a very good lawyer for us.

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