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Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer

Injury Law FAQ

Joseph A. Nagy, personal injury lawyer Edmonton, offer FAQs for the questions he is most often asked by his injury law clients.

I am Joseph A. Nagy, and I am an experienced Edmonton injury lawyer serving central and northern Alberta. I have handled thousands of personal injury cases resulting from motor vehicle accidents. I have developed these FAQ questions and answers so that you can find answers to the most common questions I am asked by my clients.

If you have a question you think should be added to the FAQs, please feel free to use the contact form on this page to let me know.

If you want to discuss your injury case with me, call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy. Free consultation. Free parking.

Joseph A. Nagy
Injury Lawyer

Questions Injury Clients Ask Me

Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer
Do I Need an Injury Lawyer?

In my practice as a personal injury lawyer, this is one of the most common questions I am asked by injury victims.

The best answer to this question is to call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, to find out.

I will ask you a series of specific questions and the answers to those questions will help you decide whether you need a lawyer and whether you want to retain me. You can also ask yourself this question: If the insurance company treated accident victims fairly, would there be a need for injury lawyers?

What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The answer to this question is almost never straightforward. Most people think that an injury equates to a dollar figure.  It’s not that simple. If you have suffered a recent injury, whether catastrophic or minor, an injury lawyer can only, at best, estimate the value of your claim even without basic medical evidence. It may not be possible to assemble the entire medical and other documentation required to accurately assess the true value of your claim. Your claim can consist of several heads of damages (see the Heads of Damages FAQ).

An experienced injury lawyer will ask you the right questions to determine the nature, severity, type, of injuries you have, how these injuries continue to interfere with your normal activities of daily living or employment, whether further medical investigation is required, and what medical and other experts that are required to maximize your claim. Some of the experts I work with are physiatrists, psychologists, orthopedic specialists, occupational therapists, neurologists, neuropsychologists, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) experts, neurosurgeons, and economic consultants. Learn more about my team.

Call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, for an interview so that I can ask you the right questions to determine what your claim is worth.

What Does Heads of Damages Mean?

A head of damage is a category of loss for which compensation can be legally claimed.

Heads of damages are non-pecuniary or pecuniary.

Non-pecuniary damages are often thought of as “general damages” for pain and suffering. They are most often valued by what courts have awarded to similar people with similar injuries. Experienced injury lawyers have access to electronic research databases with cases where people have gone to court and where judges have awarded compensation to them for their injuries, harms, and losses. This research is a useful way to determine what value could be assigned to your injuries if you were to go to trial.

Pecuniary damages refer to compensation that can be calculated in monetary terms. Some of these heads of damages include past loss of income, future loss of income, future loss of income earning capacity, out of pocket expenses, cost of future care, and past and future loss of housekeeping.

If you are seriously injured, you should work with an experienced injury lawyer early in your claim to maximize the amount of compensation you can receive under all heads of damages. Your experienced injury lawyer will hire experts to help maximize your recovery under all appropriate heads of damages.

Call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, to discuss the specifics of your personal injury claim. Free consultation. Free parking.

I Was in a Hit and Run. What Can I Do?

In a hit and run case, you may have difficulty identifying the party responsible for the accident. There may be no insurance company to pay out compensation to you for your injuries, harms, and losses.

In such instances, there is a government fund which will pay up to $200,000. A very different set of rules applies to these types of cases. These rules are outlined in the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act.  Certain deadlines must be followed. Different procedures apply. Expert injury lawyers are familiar with these rules and procedures.

Call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, early so I can ensure the appropriate procedures are followed and your personal injury claim is not prejudiced. Free consultation. Free parking.

Should I Talk About My Case on Facebook and Other Social Media?

One of the most common pitfalls for accident victims is posting photos, discussions, and details of their accident injuries on social media. Insurance companies have investigators dedicated to discovering details about you through social media. Your Facebook or Twitter account is an excellent resource for investigators to find out things about you. Courts have ordered production of Facebook photos and computer hard drives in personal injury cases across the country. This information can be a gold mine for the insurance company and can destroy your credibility and the amount of any proposed settlement that could be negotiated or awarded at trial.

Do not talk about your case on Facebook or other social media.

Call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, if you have concerns about how social media may influence your case. Free consultation. Free parking.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes for Injury Victims to Avoid?

If you are an injury victim, the most common mistakes to avoid are:

  • posting on social media
  • not following your physician’s advice, especially with respect to medical treatment
  • not seeking any medical treatment for your injuries
  • not mentioning all of your injuries to your treatment providers, no matter how minor you think they may be
  • not getting advice from an experienced injury lawyer immediately
  • not getting the names of witnesses to the accident
  • not staying in contact with your lawyer

If you are concerned that some of these mistakes may jeopardize your personal injury claim or want to set up a free consultation, call (780) 760-4878 or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, to discuss your case.

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